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2. Description of friction lining
a. Geometric specifications
i. Type of friction lining
b. Geometric specifications carrier (if necessary/requested)
i. Connection
Please use the upload button after finishing these questions.
3. Tribological needs
a. Coefficient of friction
b. Wear rates
4. Physical needs
a. Mechanical properties / strength requirements
b. Metallic raw materials allowed:
i. yes
5. Operational conditions
a. Spec. contact pressure (N / qmm)
b. Friction speed (m/s):
c. Temperature of mating surfaces (°C):
f. Friction partner:
6. Details of application
a. Type of application
(e.g. spring applied brake or band brake)
(e.g. multiple- or single disc clutch)
c. Contact and friction substances
d. Do you already use a friction lining for this application?

ii. Why do you need another friction lining?
7. Details of environmental conditions
a. Climatec influences
b. Local influences
Pads for inner and external shoe brakes
Conical segments
Disc with cut section
Ring segment
Brake block / Eight
Brake block / Brickett
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