Wind turbine engineering
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Wind turbine engineering

We ride out every storm!

We offer the perfect solution for a big range of brakes in the field of windpower applications.

In yaw brakes and yaw drives our linings ensure the secure alignment of the nacelle of a wind turbine, silently and with low maintenance.

In rotor brakes BREMSKERL linings satisfy the most stringent requirements: safely, reliably and with less wear, even in compact design.

Best qualities for troublefree use around the clock.

Product descriptionField of applicationModel
Brake blocks Yaw brake Grafik Yaw brake
Brake blocks Rotor brakes Grafik Rotor brakes
Rings Yaw and pitch drives Grafik Yaw and pitch drives

Most used BREMSKERL materials:

BK4008, BK6230, BK7221, BK4009, BK5905, BK5910, BK8366, BK5020, BK9016, BK9017, BK4199, BK5943, BK5710.