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The new brake and clutch linings for the drive technology

The performance artists among the friction linings, equipped with the new BREMSKERL Twintec technology, consist of a specially developed elastic underlayer as well as an individual friction lining surface for the highest requirements.

Friction linings with our innovative and elastic Twintec technology excel thanks to their high adaptability and stability in particular. They optimally adapt to the surface of the frictional partner, and contact is made across a large surface area with even load bearing portions. Thus local surface pressures are reduced, which in turn mini- mises the occurrence of local thermal hotspots.

With our Twintec technology, much higher dynamic system friction coefficients can be obtained while friction lining wear is reduced by up to 80% at the same time. The service life of the friction pairing is increased, which can lead to considerably reduced maintenance costs.

A better resistance to fading, a constant dynamic friction coefficient over time as well as the reduction of stick-slip are further advantages. Vibrational and noise excitations are reduced to a minimum.

The performance limits of existing products can be pushed considerably by the outstanding tribological proper- ties of the Twintec technology, especially in the area of extreme energy conversions and high friction speeds.

The Twintec technology can be combined with almost any BREMSKERL friction material.

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