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Certificate Energy policy 500001 engOur staff, sustainability within our company and sustainable production are important company assets. We have thus made the way we deal with energy an important aspect of our corporate policy and business activities. Our intention is to include energy management in our corporate strategy along with profit-making, growth and social responsibility.

For this reason, our company has decided to introduce an energy management system in line with DIN EN 50001. We want to make our business an efficient producer in the long term, committing to continuous inspections, evaluation and improvement of our energy efficiency and to avoiding any unnecessary use of energy.

Within our energy management system, we also commit to meeting requirements for energy application, use and efficiency in line with current legal requirements and other stipulations, for example those agreed with our customers.

Our energy management depends to a great extent on the qualifications earned by our employees, who receive ongoing training and schooling which enables them to carry out their tasks with personal responsibility, great care and quality.

To ensure that our energy management and economic efficiency continuously improve, everyone working within the company is called upon equally to create a working environment and conditions with a stimulating, motivating effect on day-to-day work.

Our energy policy pursues long-term goals. For us, this means constantly adapting to changing conditions on the market and new customer requirements. This is the only way for us to continue operating on the market in a customer-centric manner, maintaining our economic success and protecting jobs.

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