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Quality Policy

Our quality policy has been defined in accordance with the company’s business objectives and factors of success. The quality policy will support any objectives and initiatives based thereon.

Customer satisfaction is the main target of our quality policy.

Hence our quality policy is based on the following business values

and principles:

A high quality standard of our products and consistent customer orientation are the most important basics of our company’s long-term business development.

By use of state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and production facilities as well as by methodical manufacturing planning and process control the required manufacturing quality is achieved in an economic way. This serves as a basis for zero-defect strategy.

We are aiming at avoiding any mistakes in all areas of the company and we strive for eliminating all sources of error observed jointly and consistently in order to improve the quality of the products and to lower the costs.

Satisfactory team work of all staff members as well as smooth flow of information, based on the insight that each job within the company also has an “internal customer“, form the perfect basis for self-control in all working areas of our company.

Furthermore, we are aiming at training our staff, as being our most important factor of success, in a goal-directed way and according to the requirements, in order to achieve continuous improvement of the production processes.

Satisfactory supplier partnerships guarantee on-time delivery and flexibility of our company. Therefore we always cultivate good business connections with our suppliers and we take active part in supporting the process of supplier qualification.

Herewith all areas of our enterprise shall be instructed and be committed to contribute to the realisation of quality policy and to the achievement of quality management objectives by setting up process sequences, issuing process and work instructions and advancing and applying them.


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